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The Way Susette Clark-Walker Sees It, There’s No Point In Having A Whole World Surrounding Her If She Doesn’t Stay Connected To It

For Susette Clark-Walker, there’s nothing better than social gatherings when everyone is laughing, bonding and enjoying each other’s company. Because for her, one of life’s greatest rewards is being actively connected to the people around her. Susette is truly passionate about keeping in touch with those that happen to cross her path. She believes life’s journey should be relished alongside others, and this philosophy rings true in the cooperative way that she lives her life.

Leaving An Impression

Susette with family

An important rule in Susette’s home is that the family must share at least one meal a day together, making sure they stay connected.

Susette’s ability to connect with people has helped her flourish in the business arena. Just one year after graduating from college, she worked her way up the fashion industry ladder and became a buyer for a clothing store. This had been a lifelong ambition of hers, and she would’ve never imagined reaching such heights so quickly. But because of her strong rapport and relations with her colleagues, Susette earned their trust and was rewarded with greater responsibility.

Staying Connected

Susette’s passion for people allowed her to thrive in her new role of leadership. As much as she was equipped for management, she most enjoys being part of a group and the natural give and take that exists between friends and coworkers.

Today, she makes this one of her life’s priorities by regularly cooking for guests, and hosting Bunko games with friends whenever she can. Susette even stays in touch with those outside her Hoover home. She frequently makes trips back to her hometown of New Orleans. By doing this, she stays connected with the city and people there and also makes sure her son, Matthew, does the same. This is her way of always valuing the people in her life.

For Susette, being actively connected means being rooted and committed to the world around her. This is what makes her successful in her career as a real estate professional. Susette leads clients to their home buying or selling goals by staying in touch with their needs and being invested in their success. “Making a move is such an important event, and it’s critical to always have someone working closely by your side,” Susette says. “That’s always my aim in my business relationships.”

Insider Knowledge

Susette with client

Susette is committed to working one-on-one with real estate clients and really understanding the goals in mind.

Susette brings with her an extensive market knowledge of your area. Not only does she live in the community in which she serves, she is also an active resident. Susette is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and has served on Chamber Boards in the past as well as been active in her local real estate associations. She’s more than capable of providing extra insight into your decision making, including a keen knowledge of the school system for relocating families.

From consultation to closing, Susette keeps you informed throughout your move to ensure you make a well educated investment decision.

So for your next move, enlist an agent who will always stay in touch with your needs. Susette Clark-Walker has spent a lifetime establishing strong ties to those around her. And with her ability to communicate and keep close contact, she’s sure to always have the necessary information to benefit your move. Susette is Actively Connected to you and your real estate dreams and determined to turn them into a reality. Call her today.